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Whether you are a company with regular litigation needs or an individual with what you hope will be a once-in-a-lifetime case, Robertson Law Firm, PC can represent you in a way that takes the pressure and worry off of you – allowing you to focus on your business or on other important aspects of your life.

Civil litigation (otherwise known as a lawsuit) can be complex and confusing, and it can divert your energy and attention away from what is important to you.  Stephen is skilled in the art of accepting the burden of your legal issues while at the same time keeping you informed in a way that allows life, or your business, to go on.

He has extensive experience in all phases of civil litigation and arbitration. In addition to handling Colorado litigation in the courts of Denver, Boulder and surrounding areas, Stephen has litigated for local clients in state and federal courts from New York to California.  The cases he has litigated run the gamut.  Litigation rarely comes out of the blue, and there is an important pre-litigation phase to most cases that leaves room for negotiation and settlement.

Stephen is experienced and skilled in guiding clients through the maze of potential pitfalls and opportunities that precede full-blown lawsuits.   When he does so, he helps clients understand not just the financial effects of litigation, but also the intangibles – such as time away from family or work.  Businesses are accustomed to applying a cost benefit analysis to their legal matters – and determining whether initiating or settling a lawsuit makes business sense.  Stephen can assist with that process by making sure that the data on which the decision rests are reliable and complete.  Although individuals may not be inclined to apply a cost benefit analysis to their decisions related to litigation, they should.  Therefore, in addition to helping  clients understand the law, Stephen also prides himself on helping them understand the big picture of not just the money associated with lawsuits but also the value of other aspects of litigation.

Stephen empowers clients to make informed and thoughtful decisions.  He is alumnus of a large, prestigious New York law firm and has worked on the sophisticated and complex kinds of cases that those firms handle.  However, Stephen now serve small businesses and individual clients.  The blending of  big-firm experience with running a small and individual-focused law firm is what makes Robertson Law Firm unique.  In most cases, Stephen can offer big-firm service on a small-firm budget.

Stephen’s big-firm experience includes helping shepherd a medium-sized, public company through an SEC investigation that resulted in the SEC’s deciding to not pursue action against the company.  He also litigated securities actions brought by private parties.  He has significant experience in insurance litigation, insurance contracts, and a wide array of contract and business disputes.  He litigated toxic torts, employment discrimination claims, and improper discharge cases.  He also has litigated in agency venues.  He has also litigated on behalf of individuals, for matters as simple as disputes with home contractors and breached contracts.  Although Robertson Law Firm does not practice in big-firm fields such as SEC investigations and class action toxic torts, that background lays the foundation for Stephen’s legal philosophy.

Stephen’s varied background and experience helps him see cases from a variety of perspectives.  That perspective is essential in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both sides’ arguments, and it allows Stephen to educate clients so they can make informed decisions.  Whether you are a multi-million dollar company or a member of a garage band, Robertson Law Firms embraces the responsibility of treating you with respect, timely answering your phone calls, keeping you informed, and guiding you through what can be an overwhelming process.

Representative Matters

  • Defense and settlement of a lemon law case involving a motorcycle
  • Defense and trial of manufacturer warranty claim for a personal watercraft
  • Prosecution of breach of contract and related issues for a failed partnership
  • Defense and successful termination of an SEC investigation
  • Defense of secured loans and related issues in bankruptcy court
  • Prosecution of fraud and related issues for equipment purchases
  • Defense and settlement of toxic tort claims in a multi-party dispute
  • Prosecution and settlement of breach of contract for a real estate purchase
  • Defense of securities claims against former officers of a public company
  • Defense and settlement of antitrust claims
  • Representation of a local, start-up company, Vi Endurance in contract review and contract litigation.  Vi Endurance makes high quality energy gels for endurance athletes, and this representation has provided a rewarding opportunity for the firm to mesh personal and business pursuits
  • Representation of an Australian beauty care product company in a complex, multi-party dispute
  • Representation of partner in the dissolution of partnership
  • Prosecution of trade secret violations and violations of non-competes
  • Defense of breach of contract related to a promissory note
  • Prosecution of non-dischargeability claims in bankruptcy related to fraudulent contracts
  • Prosecution of a buy-sell agreement related to a closely held company

If you have been sued or are contemplating a lawsuit, contact Robertson Law Firm to discuss how we can represent your interests.